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We will discuss your goals, and a methodology to achieve those goals. You gain personalized strategies to meet your needs and creative vision. We are dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals in our tight-knit, peer-focused network because we all share one very important trait...

The desire to succeed in the art world.


Evolving ideas

We accompany you step by step to the realization of your new works, giving you tips on technique and dimensions, taking into account the collectors' requests. Everything without interfering in your personal artistic thought.

Value Development

A complete review, evaluation and analysis of how you are presenting your art to the public, the marketplace, and to the art world in general. Evaluation and recommendations for improving your online profile and social media pages, a review of your selling prices, pointers on how to get increased exposure for your art, ways to increase your following and broadening your audience, options for selling your art, tips on how to identify, approach and make contact with galleries and other venues for possible shows or representation, and more.

Increase sales

Pricing your art... and more importantly, discussing how to explain your prices to potential buyers in ways they can understand and appreciate. How to identify, approach and present your art to dealers, galleries, collectors, alternative venues, etc. Implement high-level marketing strategies, so that you can enhance your visibility and sell more art. Improve your self-promotion skills, so that your exhibitions and events draw larger crowds.



Do Artists Need Managers?

This type of relationship already exists in the art world. Quite a few artists have full-time managers, agents or consultants who represent them and handle their art business affairs. These artists tend to be well established, generate substantial amounts of income, have multiple galleries selling their art (both nationally and internationally), and have neither the time nor the inclination to negotiate complex agreements and manage the day-to-day details of their careers.

The majority of artists have more modest careers and generally show at only one or two galleries at a time. A single dealer or gallery is often adequate to handle this type of artist's business affairs. In fact, most dealers and galleries act as informal agents for the artists they show or represent by giving them advice, helping them organize future shows, and performing functions like publicizing their art, and getting their art shown at new venues. Many artists who develop successful long-term relationships with galleries or dealers eventually draw up agreements that allow those establishments to act as sole agents or representatives on either a permanent or a semi-permanent basis.

If you're early in your career, don't sell much art, or don't have dealer or gallery representation, you may want an agent or marketer to help sell your art, but at this stage, you simply don't generate enough income and sales to interest anyone in seriously managing your business affairs. Beginning artists have to do whatever they can on their own to get their art out into the public, develop followings, and generate sales. Once you start selling regularly, you'll attract dealers, galleries, or agents to help you show or sell even more art. But until you've proven that you can produce income not only for yourself, but also for others, you're going to have to go it alone.

Dr. Cristiano Merra


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Best Art Consultant Agency

The J4A consultation ( in person or by email), is designed to help visual artists develop the skills they need to manage their own careers. Included is information regarding exhibition and marketing alternatives, galleries, resumes, documentation, contracts and business negotiations; career assistance for emerging artists. The consulting is 100% custom tailored to you, your art and to your future as an artist-- to how you can effectively present and promote your unique style of art.

Long term career management is provided to artists on a selective basis. For a monthly retainer, based on a one-year contract, we assist select artists in their approach to appropriate galleries, museums, critics, curators and private art consultants locally, nationally, and internationally. Depth of services rendered and appropriate fees are determined on an individual basis. No matter where you are in your career, you continually have to get your art in front of people who count and convince them you deserve to make sales or get shows or whatever else you want. In order to do these things right, informed intelligent professional consulting and advising, specific to you and to the art you create, comes in mighty handy. Knowing how to approach the public and the marketplace and having a plan for how to do it are far better than trial and error.

And then there's the Internet. The old ways of presenting your art and maneuvering around the art world are now largely outdated and often irrelevant. In order to advance in your art career, you need to know not only how to establish an effective online profile, but also how to maintain it. This includes having a website that's easy for people to understand and navigate, using social media to get exposure for your art, learning how to attract new visitors to your website, knowing how to get the word out about your art in ways that not only maintain your current fan base, but increase it, and most importantly-- making sales and getting shows or representation by effective use of social media. J4A Team regularly travel around the country giving seminars and lecturing to university and artist groups. Career Development Skills Workshops can be designed as a one day workshop, or short weekly sessions.

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With almost 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about helping artists find work.
When you choose us to help with your marketing, you get personal service from a team of pros who are 100% committed to your success.

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Cristiano Merra

Founder & Managing Partner

Italy - France - Spain - England
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Cedric Pierre

CoFounder & Managing Partner

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Barbara Merke


Germany - Italy
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Alketa Ilyazi


Russia - Italy
team img


Gary Vamcamp

Art Consultant

USA - Spain
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Simona Cappellini

Art Critic web-marketing

France - England - Italy


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E490 per month

  • Commission of 45% on artwork selling price
  • Management of 5 artworks web selling
  • 1 Group Exhibition per year + Catalogue
  • 1 New artworks evolving idea



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E690 per month

  • Commission of 35% on artwork selling price
  • Management of 10 artworks web selling
  • 1 Solo Exhibition per year + Catalogue
  • 1 Group Exhibition per year + Catalogue
  • 2 New artworks evolving idea

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E950 per month

  • Commission of 20% on artwork selling price
  • Management of global Portfolio web selling
  • 2 Solo Exhibition per year + Catalogue
  • 2 Group Exhibition per year + Catalogue
  • 6 New artworks evolving idea

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